APRA Writer Membership

Membership of APRA is free!

You can join APRA if :

  • you are the original creator of musical works, i.e. you compose music, write lyrics or both
  • you are an arranger of non-copyright works
  • your works are publicly performed or broadcast
  • you are ordinarily a resident in New Zealand, Australia or a South Pacific nation; and
  • you are not currently a member of another performing right society

Membership is on an individual basis. If you co-write musical works with other writers, each co-writer will also need to apply for APRA membership. You do not need to be published to become a member.

If you are currently a member of another performing right society, and you are a citizen or permanent resident within Australasia, you could consider transferring your membership to APRA. Please note you cannot apply to transfer your membership to APRA, until you formally terminate your membership with your existing society.

Please note that when you join APRA, you are not applying for copyright of your works. If you are a composer of original music or a songwriter of lyrics, the New Zealand Copyright Act (1994) gives you a number of exclusive rights, which are referred to collectively as copyright. Copyright protection happens automatically in New Zealand. The minute you write down your lyrics or music (chord progression) or tape it onto a CD, tape or computer disk, your work is covered. For more information visit About Copyright.

Join APRA as a Writer Member via our online Application form >>

If you would like a paper application form or further information, please contact the Member Services Department.

Opt Out Info

Since changes to our Articles of Association in early 1998, writers joining APRA can assign either part or all of their performing rights to the Association. Once you have joined, you can opt out of APRA either entirely or on a right by right basis provided that the required notice is given.